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You looked through the big window and smiled at the perfect sigh in front of you – the golden sand all around the place, contrasting with the sparkling blue water of the ocean. The happy smiles on the faces of the people at the beach somehow warmed your heart.

After some thinking, you were ready to visit the beach. Quickly jumping from your queen sized bed, you opened the closet and took out a pair of dark green shorts and an orange shirt with 'My perfect, my love, my everything' written all over it. You thought back to the time you had gotten that shirt.

"I like that shirt, Matthias," you said, pointing at an orange shirt somewhere hidden behind the other colorful and more sluttish shirts. Your boyfriend looked at the shirt and showed you his signature grin.

"I saw the same shirt at the men's section. We could buy them and wear them at the same time, so people will know we are together," he said.

"That is a freaking great idea," you exclaimed, already exited.

The Danish man let out a laugh. "Easily exited, like usual, huh?"

A small tear slid down your cheek, oh how much you wished Matthias was still your boyfriend. Another tear slid down your other cheek when the thoughts of him being with another girl entered your mind. You hated that he had to leave for Denmark when he found out that his dad was in the military. It was about two years ago and the two of you kept in touch for a few months, after that you hadn't talked and it bugged you very much. Yes, you still loved him.

After you dressed in the clothes you had picked, you tied your medium length (h/c) into a high ponytail and ran downstairs.

"Hey bro, I'm going for a small walk around the beach, see you later," you shouted as you passed your older brother. He just let out an annoyed sigh, irritated at your usual attitude.

When you reached the door, you slipped in your orange flip-flops and opened the door, not really bothering to lock it after you closed it. That was your brother's work.

You passed the colorful garden and quickly exited, just to make sure none of your so called friends saw you, because today you didn't feel like talking or doing anything with them. Most of the time they annoyed you with their non-stop drama and that is why you preferred to hang out with guys.

You passed a small forest as you walked to the beach. This was actually one of your best hiding places because the path you were walking on was deep hidden by the very old trees. A smile graced your face as you thought about the good times you had there.

The time passed quickly and when you stopped daydreaming, you found yourself at the beach. There were a few familiar faces here and there but they didn't really notice you, so you honestly didn't care. The only thing you wanted was to take a long relaxing walk; it might help you with your depression.

When you got annoyed by your flip-flops, you took them off and held them in your left hand. That way your feet felt someway free, as you walked over the hot sand. You had walked for about ten minutes when your feet had enough; it was like they were burning, so you moved closer to the water where the wet sand was.

Your stomach let out a small rumble, indicating that you were quite hungry, so you headed for the nearest restaurant on the beach. It was called 'The Shark' and you absolutely loved the design of it – white colored walls, stained with a blue-grey spots here and there; light wooden floor; paintings of sharks and dolphins decorating the walls. The staff there was quite nice to people, mostly to you because you visited the place daily.

Just as you sat on one of the taller chairs next to the bar, the bubbly Italian waiter, who was talking to the bartender, greeted you. A smile crept on your face as you greeted him back.

"So… what would you like today," the handsome British bartender asked you. And after pondering for a few moments you answered.

"How about a strawberry shake," you said happily, sending a pretty smile to your blond friend. "And some nice company," you jokingly added. He chuckled a bit and went to make your strawberry shake. With curious (e/c) eyes you watched him as he made the shake; unlike the rest of the shakes (or any other drinks) you had tried at other places, his tasted the best.

But you knew that his food tasted awful. The first time he asked you to try his 'delicious' scones, you bluntly stated that not only they tasted gross but they did actually look like charcoals. It did hurt his feeling, but the food hurt your stomach…

Lost in your daydreaming, you didn't notice when he handed the cold drink. After Arthur cleared his throat and sent you a look, you snapped back to reality and showed him your signature idiotic grin. You looked at the drink he handed you and smiled, it was decorated with passion – whipped cream on the top with small strawberries, and a small cute looking pink umbrella.

"I like it," you commented. When you took a sip of the cold beverage it was as if your mouth exploded with happiness. "And it tastes awesome!"

The gentleman smiled and nodded, he opened his mouth to strike a conversation but was cut off when a loud voice called for his service. He mouthed sorry to you and went to the other customer. This made you sigh. Even though you went to the beach for some alone time, you wanted company so bad, mostly the company of a good listener, someone like the blond bartender.

Your eyes scanned around the place, taking every detail of the people there. There was a group of some teenage girls who they were sluttish looking, with tons of make-up on. The other groups weren't so interesting – a few couples that were happily talking, middle aged men drinking and playing card games. But when you saw the albino sitting alone on a table, a bored and yet angry look on his face, your interest sparkled up.

You took the shake with you as you walked to the table where your friend was sitting at.

"Hey," you said. He looked at you and then grinned.

"Hey, fräulein," your German friend said. "What brings you here?"

"I just needed to take a peaceful walk," you stated. You sat on the chair next to him and stared in his deep red eyes, he stared back at you. "What about you?"

"I'm waiting for Iggy to finish so we can go at the club, the newly opened one, and meet with a friend of ours so we can get drunk. The usual," he said happily.

Hmm, when he said he was going to get drunk you remembered you hadn't gotten drunk in quite some time and maybe it was time for a night of fun? It wouldn't be so bad. "Can I come with you? Please, pretty please, with a cherry on top," you pleaded, giving the boy a cute face.

He pondered for a few moments. "Okay," he said, giving you a mischievous smirk. "Just don't get drunk like last time, okay." You blushed as you remembered what happened last time – you had gotten so drunk that somehow you drove from Florida and almost made it to Georgia, the next morning you woke up in jail, with a killer headache. Your older brother had to bail you out, and he was not that happy about it.

There was another time when you almost got married to Francis when you got drunk in Vegas, and let's say that when you get drunk stupid stuff happens.

"I won't," you exclaimed. "I swear I won't, you know I'm better at drinking, I don't get drunk that easily!"

Gilbert smirked. "How about we make a bet, we'll have a drinking contest, all of us, and if I win you'll have to do something I ask for, the same goes for you. If neither of us wins then nothing will happen," he said. You were full of determination for show him that you were good at holding your liquor so you accepted.

"I'll kick your ass," you said, grinning from ear to ear.

"No way, I'll win this so you should be prepared for total embarrassment," he exclaimed sounding like his usual narcissistic self. "You should be dressed nicely and ready at nine, I'll come and pick you up. The others will be there at ten," he said. You nodded and looked down at your strawberry shake. There was nothing left of it, you had unconsciously drank it while arguing with the albino.

"Well, I've got to go, so see you in a few hours," you told the boy as you stood up from the chair and went to the bar, where you left and glass and the money for the shake, of course you gave the British man a good tip.

After that you exited the nice place and looked around the beach. You felt a little tired so you headed for your home, thinking how you were going to win.

It was almost nine and you were ready for the night out, dressed in a cute outfit you had dug out of your closet. The outfit consisted of a pair black ripped skinny jeans, a dark purple tube top. Your hair was up in a messy bun, only a few short strands framed your face. For accessory you used a black stud bracelet and a very precious locket of yours.

The locket was a gift from your ex-boyfriend, inside the heart shaped locket there was a picture of the both of you, hugging and grinning.

You didn't put that much make-up on your face, just a little bit mascara, eyeliner and some lip-gloss; it was quite enough for you.

A loud honk of a car echoed through the house and you quickly realized it was Gilbert so you exited your room and headed for the door, of course not before saying a quick goodbye to your brother. You grabbed your favorite pair of black high heels and put them on, and then you took the black leather jacket, slipped on it and exited.

"Hey, you look smoking hot tonight," the albino said, sending you a wink. You blushed at this compliment.

"Thanks, now let's go. I'm ready to beat your ass," you exclaimed as you opened the door and sat on the passenger's seat. The boy started the car after you put on your seatbelt. On the way to the new club, the both of you talked about random stuff, nothing new for you.

He stopped the car in front of a crowded place. "C'mon, the others must be waiting for us inside," he said as you both exited the luxurious black car. You nodded and followed the German to the night club.

The music was so loud that even if you tried you wouldn't hear your own thoughts. This time you didn't really care about the stupid teenage pop music they were blasting, the thick smoke was getting the most of your attention while you were coughing.

Stupid smokers, you though angrily.

The thought of getting lost somewhere in this huge club and getting raped by some drunken man scared you a lot, so you grabbed your companion's hand and held in tight. In response Gilbert squeezed your hand, trying to reassure you at least a little bit; he knew you were scared of drunken, perverted people (and all thanks to Francis).

Both of you walked quickly through the dance floor, not wanting to gain the attention of the people around you. The albino led you to a corner, which was kind of hard to notice. On one of the leather sofas an irritated Brit sat, looking with bored eyes at the alcoholic beverage on the long table next to him. When he noticed the two of you, he sent an irritated look.

"You're late," he deadpanned. You chuckled nervously, being the reason for the lateness. Arthur just sighed. "The stupid Dane will be late too."

You wondered who his guy was, if he was from Denmark there would be a small chance that he would know Matthias, they might even be friends! This made you a bit enthusiastic about tonight.

Gilbert sat on a leather seat, just opposite of the annoyed blond man, and you sat next to the German. The glass of the alcohol that belonged to your friend was empty, and there was just a tiny blush on his cheeks, it was almost unnoticeable. He stood up and grabbed his empty glass.

"I'll get another drink, do you want something?"

You gave Gilbert a look filled with pure determination, to which he responded with the same look. A smirk made its way on his face, almost if saying 'it's on'.

"I want one glass of beer," you announced, giving a smug look.

"And one for me the awesome me too," exclaimed the 'King of Awesome'.

You chugged on your fifth beer, trying to drink more than your friend. About 20 minutes had passed, both of you were still on the fifth beers, because neither couldn't shut up. Still their other friend had not show up; he only sent a text saying that he had come to some trouble on his way.

"You c-can't win, I am t-the best one here a-and I will w-win," you slurred on your words. Unlike your albino friend, who was the best at those drinking games, you weren't a person who could hold their alcohol perfectly. Still you were slightly better than the blond gentleman; usually he got drunk on his second drink.

"Yeah right, I can see you are so loosing this," the guy boosted, reaching for the sixth glass of beer. You were trying not to be behind him so you chugged the last from your glass and reached for the next one. As you were about to reach and take a big gulp of the alcoholic beverage, a loud voice snapped you back to reality.

"People, the King of Northern Europe has come," a very familiar voice shouted, but you couldn't put your finger on it, thanks to your drunken mind. Gilbert stopped drinking at stood up to high five the person, while the Brit gave the newcomer a nasty glare.

"Bloody hell, you are very late. What took you so long?!"

"Uh, like I said I had some stuff to do and… well whatever, at least I'm here," the person chuckled nervously and then looked at your form. You were hunched over the table, staring at the half empty glass of beer, (h/c) hiding your flushed face.

You felt a little light headed, maybe from the many (at least for you) drinks you had consumed. Maybe a little bit of fresh air would help you.

"I'm going outside for a bit fresh air," you announced suddenly as you stood up quickly from your seat. The small outburst gained the attention of your companions. Not looking at them you hurriedly went to find the exit. Because of your hurrying you couldn't see how the newcomer looked.

He had gravity defying blond hair and alluring blue eyes.

"She looked somehow familiar," the Danish man commented, his gaze set on your figure. "She does look quite a lot like my ex-girlfriend… So what's this girl's name?"

"Her name is (y/) (l/n) and I highly doubt that you know her, but she does talk about a Danish ex-boyfriend," Arthur said.

The Dane's eyes widened as he heard your name. So it was you, his ex-girlfriend! Without anymore thinking he sprung on his feet to your directing, excitement burning inside him.

"Wait Matthias, what about our drinking night?"

It was too late; he was out of the building

Meanwhile the guys were talking inside; you had exited the crowded club, happily breathing fresh air outside. You were leaning against the wall, curiously looking around you. A cute black cat passed by you and let out an adorable meow, gaining you attention. You being one of the biggest animal lovers, mostly a cat lover, followed the kitty to a dark alley, only to realize what a stupid move you had made.

"Well 'ello there hot stuff," one drunkard said, with a dark tone in his voice. "How 'bout you come here and 'ave some fun with me and my pals?"

"No thanks! I, uh, better g-get going," nervously you answered, already turning around to run away. A small gasp escaped your lips as a rough hand grabbed your wrist and yanked you to where the other men were.

"Not so fast," the man that had grabbed you grumbled, giving you a perverted smile. You shuddered and tried to break free from his grasp but sadly he was way too strong. The scary man pushed you in front of his friends and kneeled next your form.

"Girly, if you want to live, just give up," another man told you as he pressed something behind your bad, a knife. You immediately stopped struggling and let out the salty tears, that you were holding, fall. Oh, how you wished someone would come and save you, just like they did in those superhero movies, but sadly you knew that life was not a movie.

You close your eyes as you felt a rough hand grab your breasts and started struggling even more than before, only to gasp when the sharp knife cut a small wound on your back.

"Bitch, I told you not to move," one man barked at you. Even more tears escaped your eyes and cascaded down you cheeks as you felt a violent hand slap you.

One man pulled your hair and you let out a strangled call for help, sadly only the thugs heard it and because of it you earned one harsher slap on the face. Another muscular man tried to take of your jeans but he gave up and pushed you to the ground, forcefully invading your mouth. You kicked around but someone grabbed your legs, trying to keep you down.

The guy who was kissing you suddenly stopped and slammed your head hard on the ground; surely it was bleeding by now. A loud gasp echoed around the alley as one of the males fell down on the ground, blood gushing from a wound on his head. The other man turned around to see the intruder, ready to fight him. The man that was groping you kicked you twice in the stomach and just left you there.

"Boy, ye made big mistake coming here for this whore," the so called leader of the group called out.

You looked around to see who your savior was, but sadly the men were blocking your view so the only thing you could see was their backs. Then suddenly one of the men charged and tried to hit your 'hero' but fortunately he dodged and punched the man in the jaw, sending him on the ground.

None of the men had their eyes trained on you so as quite as you could be, so you stood up and checked your surroundings for something that would knock them out. There was an old rusty water pipe, behind a few pieces of dirty and ripped cloths, it was perfect for use. You sprung on your feet and grasped the pipe.

"Take this, you fuckers," you shouted, gaining the attention of most of the men. One of the men charged in your direction, only to be hit with the pipe, which resulted in him slumping unconscious on the ground and you grinning victoriously. While you were busy knocking out the other stupid men, the man who you called your awesome savior was doing the same.

A few minutes later, the men were slumped on the ground, completely unconscious. You looked at your hero, only to gasp loudly.

It was Matthias.

The same Matthias who was your ex-boyfriend, with the same gravity defying blond hair and always sparkling blue eyes.

"Matthias?" you called out weakly, thinking that it was your mind playing a dumb joke on you. Sparkling blue eyes looked at your bruised figure; the owner of them quickly sprung on his feet and hugged you.

"I missed you so much," he muttered, holding your small form as if you were going to vanish any second. He let out a small gasp as his hand touched the cold metal of the necklace you wore, the necklace with a picture of the both of you. "You didn't throw it away!"

"I would never throw it away," you whispered, hugging him ever harder, tears of happiness escaping your eyes.

Even after those scary circumstances you would be together, right?

"I l-love you Matt, but do you love m-me," you cried out.

"I love you with my whole heart, and I'll never leave you, I promise you!"

…and you still didn't know how it happened, was it just coincidence or was it destiny.

This is a request by: ~mewtinikitty

I hope you like it. Though I know the ending is quite rushed, but I was tried my best to finish it quick.

I'm sorry if Denmark is out of character...

Well, I'll try to finish the other requests (which are quite a lot), but because of school I don't have that much time. I'm looking for someone who is French and willing to help me, I'm kinda bad at this language (I've been studying it 2 weeks)...

Uh, bye bye...
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